Behind The Scenes of My Goal Setting and Journaling

Behind The Scenes of My Goal Setting and Journaling

While I would never consider myself a natural-born journaler, I am 110% a natural-born list maker and note taker. I have hordes of filled up spiral notebooks covered in rainbow colored ink on every subject under the sun. In high school, I prided myself on perfecting multiple versions of my handwriting and taking copious detailed notes in all of my classes. I definitely learn by listening, writing down notes on what I’ve heard, re-listening, and editing the notes I took. Even now as an adult I will be driving and listening to a podcast episode and have to pull over to pull out my iPad and Apple pen, and furiously scribble down notes before I’m late to pick up my kids from school. There’s just so much information and content that I consume throughout my day, and when something hits me as inspiration- I simply have to write it down or it’s lost forever.

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