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Last week on the launch of my new blog, I shared a behind the scenes look at how I come up with my Goal Setting each month. This week I am going to show you what we have come up with for the July goals here at Rosemary Watson | Productions so you can see our system in action. As we talked about last week, I focus on Personal Goals, Business Goals, and Life Goals. 

Keeping track of my progress and what I have not completed each month has kept me accountable and focused on the right things in my day to day work. After all, it’s the things you do little by little each day that bring you so much closer to what you want to achieve. 

Let’s dive into what my goals for July are in the Personal, Business, and Life Categories.


My Personal Goals are all centered around my health and wellness. When I focus on leveling up my energy, I become much more productive in my business- it’s as simple as that. Personal Goals for July are:

  1. To close my green ring on my Apple Watch of 30-minute workouts every day.
  2. To get 7.5 hours of sleep 5 days out of the week
  3. To track water consumption every single day in the Lifesum App
  4. To sign up for NaNoWriMo Fiction Writing Workshop

I’m excited to work on not only my health and wellness but also to dive into training on writing. Writing a book has always been a far off dream of mine since I was a kid, but now it’s time to take action and start writing.


My Business Goals for July break down into three categories: re-launching my blog, creating micro-content from the blog for social media, and creating a new challenge leading into my membership, The Social Club. Business Goals for this month are

  1. Create & publish 5 blog posts for July
  2. Rework my calendar to dedicate 60% of my time to Prolific Quality Output, which is blogging for this quarter. 
  3. Create 3 new team training videos per week to help delegate the production of my blog posts.
  4. Hire a new graphic designer for our team to help create our blog & micro-content
  5. Create new Challenge Marketing Course + Templates based on my Backstage Pass content for The Opt-In Party Members.

In High-Performance Habits, Brendon Burchard outlines that to be truly productive, we should be spending the vast majority of our time (up to 60%) on our Prolific Quality Output to get us to our goals. He explains that Beyonce’s prolific quality output is albums, a bloggers’ prolific quality output is blog posts, and an author’s prolific quality output is publishing books. For me right now, my Prolific Quality Output is creating long-form blog posts that are highly valuable to my audience and will lead to email list opt-ins. 

Because I am the CEO of my own company and the Visionary of my business, I need to start delegating a lot of the small details of the work I create to other people. So, this month I am going to focus on on-boarding a new team member to RWP to help with the production of these blog posts. I’m going to create three new training videos every week to help me create a world-class team to produce my blog posts. 

Last I am going to create a mini-course and marketing templates based on the backstage pass that I offered to anyone who opted in from the summit that I spoke at, the Opt-In Party. At this Summit my presentation was focused on showing people how I create my 5-day challenges that lead to selling my membership site. The bonus that I offered was a behind-the-scenes look at how I was going to create my next 5-day challenge. I want to make that content really valuable and actionable and make it go the extra mile by turning it into a mini-course and templates that I can sell in my shop. 

“When you really want something, you will find a way. When you don’t really want something, you’ll find an excuse.”

Rachel Hollis



My Life Goals for this month have a lot to do with my relationships in my life. Life Goals for July are:

  1. Visit my grandmother this summer
  2. Connect with each family member every week
  3. Connect with friends each week
  4. Pay off one credit card
  5. Commit to a weekly date night

My husband and I are committing to getting out of credit card debt so we can put in a pool at our house next year, and also want make dedicated time to connect each week. I’m also NOT going to let life get in the way of my relationships, and am committing to reaching out to my family and friends every single week and give them dedicated attention.

The last thing I’m committing to each month is reading a new book start to finish. I am notorious for starting a million books and stopping (can I get an, amen?), so I’m going to stick with ONE at a time and get it completed. This month I’m reading Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman. It’s the business book that I’m selecting because I am really focusing on the growth of my team this year and want to learn more about being a Visionary in my business. The other book that I’m committing to reading this month is City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert. I watched an interview with her and Marie Forleo when it came out and the plot of the book totally intrigued me. I’m so excited to dive in and get a good fiction read in this month. 

So there you have it- the things on my list that I am going to focus on for July! I already know I’m not going to get everything perfect, but as long as these things are top of mind, I’m way more likely to make progress and feel more balanced in my life. I’ll be sure to share my progress with you all next month!

July 2019 Goal Setting

by rosemary watson | Audio Version


Once you’ve had the chance to read or listen- I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

It’s your turn to tell me your goals for this month! Leave a comment below and tell me what you have on your Goal List for this month. Become a bigger part of our community by sharing your goals for your business in July.


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