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Well, the first month of my goal sending accountability experiment flew by so fast and I started to get a little bit discouraged because I fell pretty far behind on what I set for myself for my Personal and Life Goals.  Then I remember that the first step in achieving any goal is to track your progress so here’s me doing that first step. Also, I always need to remind myself that goals are usually not accomplished in 30 days. I tend to try and hold myself at a higher standard but I’m sure most people do the same thing. If I was a client I would remind myself that progress is what we’re shooting for not perfection, even if only 30% of what I set out to do gets done I should consider that a success. Isn’t it funny how it’s so hard for us to take our own advice?

I tend to set pretty big goals for myself, and this month I didn’t set up reminders to check in with my progress. That’s going to be something I’m going to implement in August to make sure I’m constantly being reminded of the big tasks I need to get done in order to get closer to my goals.

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Let’s dive in and see the progress I made on my goals in July! 

Mission Goals July

For July I wanted to create and publish five blog posts, and I got to three. I definitely underestimated my time it was going to spend to create the blog post so in August I’m setting aside a lot more time to work on the blog and develop my ideas ahead of time. I wanted to dedicate 60% of my work week to my prolific quality outputs, which this quarter is creating blog posts and creating micro-content for social media. I definitely did NOT get around to reworking my calendar so that goal is going to transition over to August. I also wanted to create five new training videos per week for my team and didn’t get anywhere close to that; so that is going to be a huge focus for August. and I wanted to create for new products for my template shop and I created three so I feel like that was really good progress even though I didn’t hit the number I wanted to.

“Progress NOT Perfection”

Life Goals July

For my lifestyle goals, my biggest problem was putting things on the calendar. I wanted to make sure I was checking in with friends and family every single week and I wasn’t tracking my progress so while I definitely reached out to everyone more than I usually do there was no way for me to gauge if I accomplished that goal. This month my biggest focus is to track my progress more so I can feel good about my progress. I also wanted to squeeze in a weekly date night with Braden and I only got so that’s going to continue to be a focus until we can make that consistent. The last life goal I added for July what to do daily Financial check-ins and I fell far short of that and definitely felt like I didn’t know what was going on in my life financially. One thing that one of my money mindset mentors Denise Dunfield-Thomas says in her book is that you need to track your money every single day. I know that if I can get back into that habit I will feel a lot more put together financially.

Personal Goals July

And the last thing I need to assess is my personal goals. This, of course, is the place where I fell the shortest because I think as most moms do, I do not tend to put myself first all of the time. But as we all know, if Mom’s not happy nobody’s happy, so I definitely need to make working on myself a priority. I wanted to close my green ring 80% of the time and I only got to 30% so just like everything else I’m going to roll that go over to August. I wanted to make sure I tracked my water intake every day and I definitely fell short of that as well. I will say though that I upped my water intake drastically even though I didn’t track it. Tracking tends to take time and I think that’s what’s hardest for people to stay consistent is tracking progress because it’s so easy to do but it’s so easy not to do. Setting up reminders for myself is going to make tracking progress a whole lot easier. The things that I DID get to though, were to read Rocket Fuel and city of girls all the way through and I’m happy to say that I went through balls and love both books.


Now that I’ve shared how it went last month, let me tell you what I have planned for August…

Mission Goals August

For July a couple of my goals have carried over to August. I want to adjust my calendar to make sure I am focusing on what I think is going to move the needle the most in my business which are:


  1. Create and publish 4 blog posts this month
  2. Gain 300 new email subscribers
  3. Dedicate 60 % of my work week to PQO, which comes out to 24 hours each week
  4. Complete 3 training videos each week for my team 
  5. Create four new products for The Social Club Template Shop

Remember PQO stands for Prolific Quality Outputs which for me currently are blog posts, creating micro-content,  and creating training & curriculum.

Life Goals August

Most of my life goals for August also carry over from July. One thing I have noticed is that when I set a big non-specific goal I have a hard time reaching it if I don’t put in place milestones or smaller goals that lead up to success. That’s why this month I am focusing on:


  1. Hosting a family dinner once a month
  2. Reaching out to my family members weekly- I’ve now popped a dedicated time on my calendar to be sure I touch base if I hadn’t earlier in the week
  3. Getting my kids’ health & sports to-do list completed, like immunizations, eye appointments, sports physicals, etc. This is the actual bane of my existence so getting this done joyfully is the goal. 
  4. A weekly date night for Braden & I
  5. Pay off our smallest credit card

Personal Goals August

My August goals are the most important to me this month because a lot of them have to do with my health and wellness. I spent a large chunk of July feeling crappy and not taking care of myself very well. That’s why this month I’m going to


  1. Drink half my body weight in water daily & track in the Lifesum app
  2. Eat vegetables at every meal
  3. Meal prep on Sundays
  4. Close my green ring 80% of each week
  5. Take vitamins daily

A couple more things that I do want to add to my list are taking a trip to our family cabin this month, and reading two books- The Joy of Missing Out and one more that I haven’t picked out yet! I’d love to hear your fiction recommendations in the comments! I’m already on the right track, and hopeful for the rest of the month to be the best month ever!

Links mentioned in this post

  1. Life Sum App
  2. The Joy of Missing Out

And those are my goals for August It’s your turn to tell me your goals for this month! Leave a comment below and tell me what you have on your Goal List for this month. Become a bigger part of our community by sharing your goals for your business.


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