In my last post I mentioned that you should be snapping up the handles for your brand or business on every single social media platform there is. Before you let your head spin, know that you don’t have to create original & consistent content on every single platform- you just want to own your username and direct people over to what I call your CORE social media platform.

Your Core Platform is where you feel the most comfortable communicating day in and day out. It’s where you are going to commit to being the most consistent, and where you can provide the most value to your audience. But how do you decide WHICH platform is going to be the right fit for your core content?

How you best communicate

If you absolutely despise writing, but you can talk all day long then maybe anchor is a great place for you to do podcasting and push to an itunes podcast. If you love taking photos, then instagram is a great place for you. If you love short and sweet conversations and answering questions quickly then Twitter would be an awesome fit. If you despise talking into a camera then maybe steer clear of Facebook Live for a bit.

This doesn’t that you couldn’t do any of these things, but your main content focus should be a medium that you are really comfortable with. The great thing is, there’s so many different features on these platforms that you should be able to make any of them work if you tweak and experiment (and practice) enough

Where your ideal audience is

If you know you want to inspire teenagers and young kids, but you shudder at the idea of getting on Snapchat; then I hate to break it to you, but that’s where your people are spending most of their attention. Remember- creating content is not about YOU. It’s about how you can serve others. So just because you might be so over Facebook, it doesn’t mean that you get to stop creating content for it if the people you are trying to serve are spending a lot of their time there.

What they want to see from you

The idea is being able to learn how to give the right people what they want to see. You couldn’t produce a show about renovating a home on The Food Network. And you probably wouldn’t put a cooking competition show on HBO. The trickiest part is understanding what kind of content works best across every social media platform, if the people you want to speak to use the platform, and what they already are paying attention to so you can slide in and delight them with your version of what they already love.

After reading this, your biggest question is probably “But how do I know where my ideal audience is, and what they want to see from me?” The answer to that question is simple. ASK. If you are trying to steal a little bit of someone’s time and attention from the zillion things they are already looking at online, the best place to start is by stalking asking them. Send out a survey, DM them on Instagram, ask a few people to coffee, set up a Zoom chat and simply gather feedback. This so much better than just guessing, trust me.


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