Hey friends, it’s been a while.
Welcome to the newly revamped Listen & Lattes Season Four with me, Rosemary Watson.
I’ve had the Listen and Lattes podcast for a few years now but am diving back in by launching a brand-new series for the entire month of July! I’ll be chatting in your earbuds for every single day of July to chat about our newest offering- Lead With Magic, Coaching + Content program.
This is a brand-new offering that me and my team are building, and we wanted to create audio content so you all can get the scoop of what’s going to come in August when we launch this bad boy.
When we first started Artisan Creative + Media Agency back in January of 2020, we initially thought we were going to be primarily a company working in just social media management and then Covid threw a huge wrench in our plans. By March we were quickly pivoting and doing pretty much everything that any client needed in the digital marketing space and what we have learned over the last 18 months are some of the tried-and-true methods of what YOU need to be successful in your business, in the online arena. What we have discovered is that there is still a big gap in bridging what clients need and educating them about what’s important – so they can feel more empowered to make decisions and take steps that will further advance their business. And voilà, our newest offering was born. We want to help individuals and small business really understand what’s critical to their growth, how to sustain that growth, and be at the top of their industry.
Make sure to tune in daily to the Listen & Lattes Season Four, and get ready for a fire hose of information coming your way in August. Let’s up-level everything you got.

The program will contain 7 pillars, over a 3-month container, each pillar holding space across 2 weeks. Check out the pillars below:

Pillar 1: Foundation Pillar. This is where we dive into your 10-year, 3-year, 1 year, and quarterly view of the business, to really get a good understanding of where you want to go and what drives you. Included in this are discussing and nailing down your company core values, mission, and vision. Hell, yes.

Pillar 2: Brand Identity. This is so clutch for growing your company and we not only teach you how to create a Brand Identity for your business, but you’ll also walk away with actual tangible deliverables, content such as your logo, color palette, social media templates, brand guide, fonts, and more. What a way to get started!

Pillar 3: Copywriting. A word that scares so many but is really one of the most powerful tools you can wield. We’ll dial in what you say, how you say it, and why you say it – and how it’s then presented and interpreted by your target audience. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as you think!

Pillar 4: Imagery. This means your photography and visuals, another key factor to your company. We’ll help you understand the power of beautiful, timeless, functional, and effective imagery and how to really pack a punch with the visuals you deliver to your audience.

Pillar 5: If you believe someone who says you don’t need a website in this day and age, please run the other direction. When you complete the Coaching & Content Program, you will walk away with your own unique website, built by us, but with an understanding from you on how it works, why it’s necessary, and the continual evolving that needs to happen on your site. A huge piece of the puzzle gets solved during these 3 months.

Pillar 6: Email. Also, a critical piece of the puzzle. Did you know that more revenue, and we are talking a lot more, comes from your email list, not your social media? That’s right, you really can’t rely on your social media platforms to sell your product or grow engagement (thanks to ever-changing algorithms and lack of interest from your people). But email lists, that’s where you will charm and woo them, and they won’t even notice you are doing it.

Pillar 7: Evaluation + Evolution. That’s right. We like to make sure that everything is wrapped up with a nice pretty bow at the end of the program and you are feeling fresh and fly as you head back out into the world, like a brand-new baby. We will take a deep dive into an evaluation of the last 3 months and provide you with all the takeaways to feel like you can launch to space with the best of them.

So. Curious, yet? We would think so! If you are, make sure to tune in daily to the Listen and Lattes Podcast 3.0 with Rosemary Watson (you can find the deets below for direct contact), and get ready for a mind-blowing (we like to think so) experience coming your way in August. Let’s up-level everything you got. And then we’ll add just a touch of a glitter-bomb along the way!

Love + Lattes,