What if you could figure out social media for your business and actually talk to people who want to become clients?

Learning social media for your business is crucial because you KNOW it will make an impact in the money you make. You just feel super overwhelmed having to learn about all the nuances of social media AND be amazing at your actual job too. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done.

Enter The Social Club- a monthly membership that will take you from spinning your wheels on Social Media and posting a bunch of fluff, to storytelling to the RIGHT people and converting them into paying customers & clients.

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The words that you put with your visuals matter. Even on really visual platforms like Instagram & YouTube, or audio platforms like Podcasts- the words & messaging in your content can be polished up and remixed to really hit the hearts of your ideal clients and audience. We’re going to really focus on the words in the first module and become better writers¬†.

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We had an entire day dedicated to Authenticity in our Workshop, but it’s so important that we are going to get some daily practice getting real and documenting our journeys & struggles. Sharing more of our true selves, our hopes & dreams, and our fears to more deeply connect with our audience.

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One of the things that will grow your following exponentially is to actually engage and connect with your audience. The trouble is, most business owners have a really hard time finding space in their calendar to do this. We’re going to break it on down and give you tools to take your engagement efforts to the next level on social media and build those relationships.

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We’re going analyze the content we’re creating, and find common threads that we can then develop as our main Content Pillars, and chop up into smaller micro-content based on those larger pieces of content. We’re deciding what our Media Company is going to be built on and what people can expect when they see us online or in person.

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I am a firm believer that soon, photography is going to be a skill that everyone has to know, not just a job for person who specialized in photography. When we all have to create content, we have to stop relying on other people to be around us all the time to take photos or videos. Time to step up our game and hone this skill.

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Time to get uncomfortable ya’ll. There’s ALWAYS room for improvement when we are creating live broadcasts, so we’re going to be sure that no matter what equipment we’re rocking, we’re making the most of this feature that most platforms are giving preference to.

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There are so many platforms that are integrating the Stories features, so we better get clear on how to use them effectively. Let’s use these to our advantage and story tell uniquely on this feature.

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There are a TON of little things we could be doing to make sure that the content we are sharing on social media is optimized to make the most impact. These little tweaks could make a HUGE difference in your reach and engagement, so get them in your workflow!

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The relationships we’re building here is what it’s all about. We’re taking those relationships we’ve developed and are going to be introducing them to other people just like them. It’s less about you, and more about all of us together.

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Bios, Landing Pages, & About Sections

Often overlooked, our bios and first impressions are the ones that can make the biggest difference in our audience growth. We’re not always as discoverable as we should be on social media, so we’ll be revisiting this often and optimizing our first impressions to make sure it’s love at first sight when our audience stumbles across our platforms.

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Content strategies give you a bit more structure when you’re creating content. Not only does this make your life a little easier as a storyteller, but it gives your audience more consistency and trust since they know what to expect from you. We’re going to be exploring what content strategies you can use when you’re stumped to give you that “Editor In Chief” feel to your content creation.

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Let’s put some money behind our content and hyper target the people we want to reach on social media. There are SO. MANY. options when it comes to paid promotions, ads, and creating campaigns, and this is one we’re going to walk through together. Creating a structure so we know how to experiment with ads and use them in a smart way is what this Module is all about.

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