I recently did a poll in my Facebook Group, The IG Collaborative, and asked where my people were struggling the most when they were creating their own Instagram Strategies. By an overwhelming majority, people were REALLY having a hard time creating thoughtful captions on their posts.


The first thing I suggest everyone start with is doing your research. We don’t just want to get in our car and start driving before we know where we’re going and our goals to getting there. You really need to nail down WHO you want to attract with your content, and WHAT action you want them to take to take after they read your captions. Remember, actions are driven by emotions, so you definitely want to think of those emotions you want to evoke in your writing.


One thing I encourage is to write how you talk. This provides that “authentic connection” you’re going for on Instagram; and ensures that people are getting to know the real you, and get that perfectly seamless experience when they meet you in person to on a video chat conference. The worst thing is to give people an unrealistic expectation of what it’s like to talk to you.Write how you speak in your Instagram Captions and you’re preparing your audience for that In Real Life conversation. In my 9 grid challenge I recently wrapped up, I suggested finding an accountability partner and record the conversations you have, then transcribe those to your Instagram Captions. You’ll write in your own authentic voice and will be able to chat out your story instead of being stuck behind a computer trying to type it all out on your own.

Batch Schedule your captions

The last tip I have for you is to batch schedule the captions you create when you are scheduling your instagram posts. No one like to have to be brilliant on cue, so if you plan ahead and pre-schedule your content you’ll prevent that hated “Caption Block” so many of you experience. I like to focus on the visuals first in my Instagram Strategy, since Instagram is such a visual platform, and then spend a day to focus on writing the captions on all the posts I have scheduled. This “assembly line method” groups your like-tasks together so you don’t get burnt out on all the aspects of a really good Instagram Post one by one.


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