IG Strategy 90 Days

Yes, it seems like a daunting task. But I promise, if you can wrap your mind around what you will be doing for the next three month on Instagram, you will feel so much more prepared. Here are the my favorite reasons why I think 90 days ahead when I’m planning out my Instagram Strategy.


Never forget another holiday or special event again! A great way to start planning ahead is to fill your Strategy Calendar with “celebrations” or events; like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, National Pineapple Day (in my case), or any other widely-acknowledged special day, since those days are already decided for you. Make sure you are selecting days that are important to your audience and relevant to your business. If you are in the fashion industry, New York fashion week might be a good “celebration” to mark on your calendar. If you are an Essential Oil or MLM business, the company wide Convention would be a good celebration or event to base content around. If your ideal audience is moms, Back To School would be a good celebration to create content for.

Product or Service Promotion

If I know I will be launching a product or service any time in the near future, I want to be prepared with my content for promoting that ahead of time. There are so many things to do during a launch, that if I can pre-plan my social media content and have it ready to go, it will take some thing off my plate and free up time to focus on customer service and connection. Write those launch dates on your calendar and have interest building posts for before the launch, and reminder posts after the  launch.

Best Possible Conversion

By thinking ahead, you can test out ideas about how to convert your Instagram audience the best. Do you turn more people into customers by sending them to a free offer, getting them on your email list, and sending them a series of emails to sell your product? Or do you turn more people into customers by having a “shoppable” Instagram feed by using an app like Curalate? Or is it better to get them on a Sales Page directly on your Bio link? When you think ahead, you can try out multiple scenarios and see what has the best outcome for you.

Make Instagram Work With Other Platforms

If you are present on other platforms, like Periscope or Facebook, and use live broadcasting for content, you can drive people from Instagram to watch those broadcasts. If you are offering a promotion on a Facebook Group you manage, or on a Podcast you host, you can use Instagram to drive people there. If you want to curate a specific Pinterest board that would help your Instagram Following, you can have posts dedicated to driving traffic to your Pinterest account. It’s hard to weave all those connections together if you do not prepare them well in advance.

Partnership Opportunities

One of the best ways to grow your own Instagram audience is to get in front of someone else’s audience. If you can find people to partner up with and give their audience value, be sure to have your efforts well thought out ahead of time. Many Industry Leaders already have their social media strategies planned well in advance from 3-12 months, so if you want to be able to partner up with an account with a large following for a Holiday season promotion, you’re going to want to give them plenty of time to say yes, and develop a campaign with you that will benefit both brands.


To help you wrap your mind around planning 90 days ahead, I’ve created a simple 90 day mini calendar for you to write down the celebrations you’re going to create content around, the products or services you will be launching, the other places you want to send your Instagram.

Get your download here, or by clicking the image above. Once you’ve downloaded, list all the ideas you have for future content on the notes section of the page, then fill out the calendar for an overview of  your strategy. You can fill this out before using the Instagram Strategy Planning Guide for more in depth planning.

Please let me know your thoughts or leave questions below in the comments! I’d love to see your results from your 90 calendar, so please share in the comments as well!

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