Guys, there’s been so many changes on Instagram in the last year, it’s CRAZY. Are you super confused about changing your account over to a Business Account? Or about what you should be posting in your IG Stories? Or trying to use IG Live but you feel like an idiot? Been there.

Since August of 2015, Instagram has added Instagram Stories (to compete with Snapchat), Instagram for Business (to give users more insights & analytics to their audience and engagement), and Instagram Live (to get in the live broadcasting game like¬†Periscope, FB Live, and YouTube Live). That’s a LOT of new stuff comin at ya REALLY quickly. I held my first Live Video Series in August, and it almost feels like a whole new Social Platform since then, but I wanted to share my own approach to incorporating these new tools here, and being smart about navigating all the changes to Instagram.

Observe what Industry Leaders are doing

Instead of jumping right in to using these new tools, take a minute to see what other people are doing. Whether they are in the same industry as you, or are just a brand you like to follow- you can always gather ideas and inspiration from other people’s IG Stories or IG Live Broadcasts.

Assess to see if the tool is going to get us closer to our goals

The last thing you want is to add more things to your To Do List. Make sure you are using these new features to achieve your goals.

Create a game plan

Decide how you can stand out and still stay consistent with your brand so you can foster trust with your audience.

START and see what works

After you’ve made a quick framework for how you’re going to use the new features, DIVE IN! You’ll get better and more polished as you go, but you’ll never get to that next level, until you start at the beginning.

We go into Instagram Stories, Instagram LIVE, and everything else about creating an effective Instagram Strategy in The Instagram Intensive Course. It will give you step by step instructions from researching, creating a content strategy, creating posts, and connecting with your ideal customers. Find it here and see how I manage my own and my client’s Instagram Marketing.

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