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Rosemary Watson | Productions is a creative small business Production Studio founded by, (you guessed it) Rosemary Watson. Before working one on one with entrepreneurs, I created Rosemary Watson | Portraits, specializing in making real women look and feel like models. After photographing women in glammed up portraits, with full service styling included, I began getting requests from other Small Business Owners to help photograph their Professional Business Portraits, creating short video showreels for their businesses, creating websites and designing print materials that all work together to form cohesive identities for their brands. We now offer our One on One clients a variety of services that all work together to create a polished & professional brand; including Brand Identity design, WordPress website design, full service Instagram management, and brand photography & professional business portraits. My biggest superpower is my never-ending enthusiasm and real-life excitement over the amazing things we can do with your brand! Please stop me if I start overwhelming you with my zillions of ideas I have during our consultations!

I pride myself on creating own path, however winding and wild it may be. Blending and curating lessons from master entrepreneurs and modern thinkers, and incorporating fresh new tools to make small business owners as productive as possible are what makes my heart sing. People have complimented my endless passion for helping other women build up their businesses, and I LOVE hashing out strategies and new ideas in Consultation Sessions with creatives that are as pumped about changing the world as I am. I have big plans on traveling worldwide to work with fresh creative brands, but for now while my kids are little, I work with entrepreneurs all over the world via the magic of the internet. Let’s set up a time to chat and see if we are a good fit!


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