Don’t you feel like Instagram is changing, like, WEEKLY at this point? Just the other day they introduced their new Filters (like Snapchat) in the last update!

However, the one thing that every Instagrammer has been waiting (not so) patiently for is more hyperlink capabilities. I mean, I love a good bunny face and all, but it would be a thousand times more beneficial for more hyperlinks!

Until Instagram gets it together, we are all stuck with just the one hyperlink in our bio, so we have to be crafty like foxes to make it work the best for all of us using Instagram for our businesses. Here’s a few ideas how to use that one hyperlink effectively.

Link to an Email Opt In Form

If one of your goals in your business is to build your email list, then linking directly to an email opt in form instead of just your website is going to give you the best chance to capture that information. The trick is to offer something of value in exchange for people’s contact information, so set up an email automation to deliver your free download, coupon code, or whatever you decide to give to new subscribers. I probably opt in to something every single day, and there are TONS of different opt ins you can offer. Choose an email marketing provider like MailChimp, ConvertKit, or Infusionsoft so you can set up those automations and have a webform with a host link that you can use for your Instagram Hyperlink.

Use LinkTree to direct to multiple locations

I’ve seen a lot of people use LinkTree effectively on Instagram, and it’s a great way to expand your hyperlinking capabilities and direct people to multiple places. Send people to other social media platforms, your shop or other offerings, your newest blog post- so your content lives longer than just one Instagram post. I really love how @heather_crabtree uses her LinkTree to direct people to her business, and her daughter’s fight with cancer journey, as well as where you can help London in her fight.

Create a Custom Instagram Landing Page

Out of all the options, this is the one that I choose, simply because I love a visual option and wanted to be the most in control of that single solitary link we get on Instagram. Because Instagram is my core social media platform and it’s where I spend the most time throughout my day, it’s where my largest audience is. I want to try and direct that audience to multiple places AND delight and inspire them at every interaction with me.

My current link leads to the INSTAselling Series, my new FREE Live Video training series that starts Monday, May 22nd where we are going to go step by step my favorite practices of using Storytelling to sell your stuff on Instagram. We’re going to be going more in depth with how to use your hyperlink, direct people to where you want them to buy things, and to build their trust in you so they know you are the best fit for them. I’d love for you to join us- click the button below to sign up for the Series! You’ll get a Welcome email with all the details of the Series, you’ll be sent the Series Workbook as it gets closer to the start date, and you’ll get daily lessons in your inbox with downloads to support what you’ll learn in the Live Broadcasts on my Facebook Page.

You can also listen to the MiniCast I recorded for this post, to hear a bit more about your one hyperlink!

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