As you may have noticed, promoting the launch of a new course is no joke. Depending on what strategies and models you choose to use, you can have a crazy amount of content being put out, or a small amount of content. I chose to launch the new Instagram Intensive Course with a Free Live Broadcasting Series, and in order to get people to sign up for the Course, I had to get people to sign up for the Live Series FIRST.

I used many different tactics to get people to opt in to the Free Live Series, but I’m going to share the first one today- which is the content I shared on Instagram before and during the INSTAselling Series in order to 1) grow my list and 2) get people to experience learning from me about Instagram in an unpaid setting before asking them to commit their dollars to a paid course. The audio cast at the end will go a little more in depth about why I chose to focus this post about my Instagram Content, so let’s dive in to the strategy of using Instagram to promote my free training…

The Content that decided to share on Instagram can be broken down in to 3 main phases. As I always say, I like to think of the end in mind, so my end goal for all this content is to get people FROM Instagram TO signing up for the INSTAselling Series. The opt ins were only accepted until the last day of the series, so we’ll focus on the content I shared up until then.

Sneak Peek Phase

Before I even started sharing about the Live Series on Instagram, I created a couple of blog posts about the topic we were covering (selling on Instagram) and shared about them on my feed. Generating traffic to these posts and seeing if people were opting in for the freebies showed me that I was on the right track for the Series, as well as gave me an extra touchpoint for my email list. The “warmer” the person, the more likely they are to buy something from you (ie if someone has opted in for all your blog post freebies, and signed up for your live training so they are used to seeing you in their inbox, the more likely they are to finally buy what you sell in the end) so doing the pre-work before the sneak peek phase can be started 2-4 weeks before you’re ready to share about your Launch.

One week before Registration opened on my website, I started posting about the INSTAselling Series. I shared one stand-alone post where I talked about the series, but the next time I do another launch I am planning to work in talking about creating the series more with some personal stories in my Brand Awareness or Giving Value posts. Instagram Stories can be a great place to share behind the scenes and more sneak peeks of the freebies you are creating for your launch.

In the freebie below I added a schedule of the posts I am going to create for my next Launch, not just what I shared this time around so we both can try out creating more Sneak Peek Content together.

Registration Phase

This is where the posting starts getting more heavy. I created a post about the INSTAselling Series the day registration opened, and then a set of Instagram Stories that I repeated twice throughout the week directing people to register for the Series. I also worked in the Series Promotion with my Instagram Themes, such as Instagram Tip Tuesday.

Live Phase

I chose to leave registration open while I posted about the Series as it was happening, which gave me an 18% increase in registrations (a win in my book!) From the day I opened registration on May 15th to Day One of the Broadcast on May 22nd I had 480 opt ins. By posting about the series every single day with the lessons we were learning, dual broadcasting on Instagram LIVE, sharing peeks of the broadcasts on Instagram Stories, and encouraging others to share about the Series, I got another 128 opt ins while the Series was live.

In total I created 12 INSTAselling Series specific posts, with images that all co-ordinated with the Project Branding Board I created and sat down and created the copy, curated all the hashtags, and placed on my Instagram Schedule. It took me around 4 hours, and allowed me to not having to think about what to post on Instagram about the Series in “real time”. Going live for that many days in a row is pretty intense and takes a lot out of me, so it was awesome to have one element of the Launch signed, sealed, and delivered before hand.

There’s a miniCAST audio snippet for you to check out below, AND a perfect little Instagram Launch Promotion Schedule I created to take the guesswork out of what to share next time you do a launch!


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