I ran a poll in my Facebook Group recently and asked my people what they wanted to learn more about on Instagram. There was an overwhelming response to Promotions on Instagram, so I’ve created this post especially for those people who are looking to use Instagram to promote their products or services.


Now that we all are the smartest Consumers with the evolution of the internet and our iPhones, we want to do business with PEOPLE not just brands. We want to see behind the curtain, we want to know and connect with the human beings that are selling the product. We have now moved from the Industrial Economy to the Connection Economy (according to Seth Godin) and people are far more likely to buy something from someone they Know, Like, & Trust.

This means you need to show your face in your content regularly. You need to build your own Personal Brand along with your Business Brand- especially if you want to possibly change directions and sell something else in the future. For example, if you are a doTerra Essential Oil Wellness Advocate- you are competing with thousands of other people that sell the same things as you online. The ONLY differentiator- the only thing that sets you a part from every one else- is YOU. The same goes for photographers, website designers, brand designers, calligraphers, Makeup Direct Sales, or any thing else in the world. There are most likely other people in the world that are selling the same thing you are. So, you have to show the world who YOU are and how you use what you sell in order for you to be the person your customer chooses to buy from.


This seems obvious, but you have to SHOW WHAT YOU SELL. If you sell physical products this is easy, but if you sell certain digital products, or services this becomes harder. Do your very best to show that you have something you want people to buy consistently.

Show who your product is for, and why people should choose this option.

WARNING: if your product or service sucks, then no amount of marketing is going to allow you to buff that turd. No matter how cute your packing is for your cookies; if they taste like trash bags, then you are not going to sell very many. Spend the time and do the work to make what you sell the very best you can in the time you’ve set (not to be confused with waiting to launch until it’s perfect).


This is where the magic happens, folks. People are OBSESSED with seeing Behind The Scenes. We want to know the full story of how you created this product or service- if endless hours of Fixer Upper has taught us anything, it’s that the world loves a good peek behind the curtain.

Share your design workflow, how you curate inspiration for your product, gathering props for your styled stock photos, photos of yourself in your workspace- anything you can to give people the feeling they are a part of your process.


Out of all the different types of content you can share, I feel like sharing the EXPERIENCE of what it’s like to be a customer or client is the most important one of all. ESPECIALLY if what you’re selling is new to someone- they may have no idea what to expect when buying from you. Take the guesswork out and SHOW THEM.

When they order that new Maskcara foundation set, how do they use it? How will it be sent to them? How do they get in touch with you to ask questions?

When they purchase a font from you, how do they install it to their computer? What programs will it work in? What are the best fonts to mix in with the one you sell?

When they become a Brand Design Client, what can they expect? How will you communicate? Will they get a client gift? What’s the turnaround time? What program will you use for Project Management? How do they pay their invoices?

Customers and clients will have so many questions when giving you money- why not create content around each step of the way before, during and after they’ve swiped their card.

Listen to how I came up with the concept of People  | Product | Process | Experience and a real-life example of what a business like a restaurant could share.

To help you think of some stories you can tell around People, Product, Process, & Experience, I’ve created a Promotional Content One Pager for you to download.  Print and fill it out to come up with some creative ideas for your promotional content. Fill out the form below and I’ll send you the freebie in your inbox!

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