If posting on social media is sucking your life away, then this post is for you. I get it- every day coming up with something original to talk about is exhausting. That’s why I don’t try that craziness. I plan ahead! And it all starts with the following framework written out on a nice free printable Planning Guide I’ve included for you at the end.


The best place to start (as with ANYTHING) is with your GOALS. The destination point on your map. Once you got that down, you’ll be able to find the route to get there.

After knowing where you’re going, you have to know WHO your target audience is. You’re going to put all that stalking to good use and list some of your favorite current clients and some potential clients that would be perfect for your brand. List them on the planner.


Next, list off some words that best describe your brand. Some of mine are smart, sassy, fun, polished, and professional. Every one of your posts should embody at least one of these descriptor words.

You’re also going to be brainstorming about why people want & need what you’re selling. What makes you different. From this, you will polish up your Instagram Bio to make sure it’s really obvious who you are, and what you do.


On the next page, you are going to start planning out how you are going to engage and grow your audience. List off other Instagram Accounts & Brands that are really aligned with your own brand. People that have similar audiences to you. Spend time every single day connecting with THEIR followers. If you build it, they will not come- you have to TELL them about it. Reach out and be a friend to make a friend (or follower)

Next, list off the hashtags your ideal audience is using and spend time every day going through and liking images using these hashtags. You are being active and engaged on other people’s IG feeds to hopefully send them to yours and if they like what they see, they will follow you!


Lastly, when creating your own content, use Iconosquare to figure out the best times to post each day, list the hashtags you want to use for your own content so it can be found within various communities, and choose the color palette & fonts and create your own content with photographs, curated images from other people’s accounts (with credit of course), and graphics you can create yourself on Canva.

I’ve created a FREE Instagram Planning Guide to help you get some clarity on your Content Strategy on Instagram.


This was a brief overview about how I create my Instagram strategy, but if you want more in depth help with how to find your ideal clients, defining your brand, or the kind of content you should be sharing on social media, you can check out Caitlin Bacher’s courses (which I’ve taken and LOVED) and read Jab Jab Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuck which was totally eye opening that certain kinds of content should be shared on certain platforms.

I also share a ton of Instagram specific posts on my Instagram feed! Find me at instagram.com/rosemarywatson.com on Tuesdays for IG Tips!

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