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This is legit, friends. I got the Iconosquare analytics to back it up- I effectively DOUBLED my Instagram Following in just 16 weeks by implementing something that everyone forgets about when they start using Instagram for business.

Rosemary Watson Productions Iconosquare Analytics

Everyone is so focused on creating their content, that they forget the MOST important part about social media- being social. Talking to people. Starting conversations. I call it connection. You cannot just blast content out there into the world and expect people to just magically find you. You have to introduce yourself and put yourself out there.

Step 1 : Committing to Connection

You probably already know what I’m going to say here. Consistency is KEY to start seeing results with this. You must commit to devoting at least 15 minutes every. single. day to connecting with your Ideal Audience on Instagram. The Good News? 15 minutes is not a lot of time, and you can just get up 15 minutes earlier and do this from bed. The Bad News? Because it’s so simple, it’s easy to blow off. Print out the Instagram Connection Calendar below, and write down exactly how you are going to connect with these people.

Step 2 : Experimenting with Your Connection Strategy

Now as I said before, there are 4 main ways to connect with people on Instagram- liking, commenting, direct messaging, and following. However, there are an infinite number of ways you can carry this out. The best way to start, is to experiment with a small, manageable schedule then try variations as you go.

For example, I began with my strategy by searching for people that have audiences that would be a good fit for me. Let’s say that people who like Marie Forelo, would probably like me. They follow her for business tips and training, and I sell a product (styled stock photography) that will help them grow their own businesses and look polished online without having to hire a photographer. So, I would every day, click on Marie Forleo’s followers from her profile, and then click on her followers that (based purely from their handles & photos) that look like they’d be a good fit for me. I would specifically look for women, who seemed to have a business, and used English on their profiles. When I found a potential follower, I would like a few of their photos I resonated with, and then leave a comment on my favorite one.

That’s it. I committed to doing that for 10-15 people everyday, and spent more and more time on that connection strategy as I went and saw growth.

Instead of that, you could just select a specific hashtag and spend your 15 minutes just scrolling down the hashtag feed and double tapping the images that align with your brand. I used that strategy when I joined Jenna Kutcher’s Instagram Challenge, 7 Days To Cracking The Instagram Code, and searched through her hashtag #theinstagramcollaborative.

I’ve also just followed people that look like a good fit in a hashtag instead of liking and commenting. Just make sure you follow people you actually love and want to join your party, or your timeline will be filled with stuff you just don’t want to see #depressing

Try any of these Connection ideas, or mix it up with all three! Whatever you choose be sure to write that ish down, or it won’t happen. Creating that little bit of accountability for yourself could be the difference between gaining 20 new followers in a month and 500.

Step 3 : Tracking Your Results & Adjusting

Now, you don’t want to spend alllllll this time (15 minutes a day for a month comes out to 7.5 HOURS people. You could binge almost a full season of Downton Abbey with that time) connecting with people and then at the end of month you don’t know what you got for all the work you put in. By keeping track of the amount of effort you put in, and then the rate of growth you see you can then change up your tactics to what IS working for you. Maybe liking posts isn’t turning anyone into followers, but following people is really effective in getting them to follow you back. Maybe spending 20 minutes liking images from #communityovercompetition is working, but commenting on Marie Forleo’s followers isn’t gaining traction. She may not have the right audience for you, so you stick with the likes. Keep track, experiment with the amount of effort you can put in each day, and then do more of what works. Use the Instagram Connection Calendar to plan out your strategy, then track your growth as you go.


Once you’ve downloaded, fill out the calendar and revisit it every single day to stay consistent with your connection. Remember, this takes time and effort to get it started, but once you do it for a couple of weeks, you’ll start creating a habit and it will breeze by. The more time you spend on this, the faster your following will grow.

Please let me know your thoughts or leave questions below in the comments! I’d love to see your results from your connection strategy, so please share in the comments as well.

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