Tips For Writing Your Instagram Post Captions

I recently did a poll in my Facebook Group, The IG Collaborative, and asked where my people were struggling the most when they were creating their own Instagram Strategies. By an overwhelming majority, people were REALLY having a hard time creating thoughtful captions...

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Curating Your Instagram 9 Grid

Our 5 Days to Instagram 9 Grids Challenge starts today! It's one of my favorite approaches to creating content on Instagram, and creating a "Lifestyle Magazine" like approach to the platform. Today's lesson is all about choosing the "article topic" of your 9 Grid...

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3 Approaches To Creating Your Instagram Strategy

If you’re in my IG Collaborative Facebook Group, then you’ve for sure heard me yammer on about Weekly Themes and 9 Grids, and maybe you’ve been a little confused and wondered what in the hell I’m talking about. Are those even things? YES my friend, they are things,...

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5 Content Categories to Share on Instagram

Friends, Summer is officially over in my book, so we’re recommitting to closing out the year with a BANG! Since Instagram is my Core Platform (meaning, it’s where I hang out most of my day, AND my ideal clients hang out most of their day too) I wanted to break down my...

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