Our 5 Days to Instagram 9 Grids Challenge starts today! It’s one of my favorite approaches to creating content on Instagram, and creating a “Lifestyle Magazine” like approach to the platform.

Today’s lesson is all about choosing the “article topic” of your 9 Grid (more about this in the challenge) but I wanted to show people how to curate images and videos to use as either visual inspiration, or actual content they will be posting on Instagram and tagging the source.

My three favorite places to curate content from are Instagram Collections, Pinterest, and styled stock photos. In the video above I show you how I use each with my iPad or iPhone and can send directly to my laptop to put in Mood Boards, or post directly into Instagram as a post (but be sure to tag the source!).

I also use curated content when I’m planning out my actual posts, as ideas of the photos or graphics I need to create themselves. I’ve found a TON of ideas for the selfies I want to take, color palettes to remix and put together, and people’s photos or graphics I want to feature in shout out posts.

These tips fit right into to mapping out your 9 grid articles I’m sharing in the 5 Days To Instagram 9 Grids Challenge! Join the challenge for FREE below and see how you can be your own “Editor in Chief” of your Instagram Magazine.

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