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Each week we have a Facebook live show all about how to market your business. On the very first Monday Morning Marketing Show we chatted about creating Pillar Content on either a blog, a facebook live broadcast, or a podcast episode. You get to decide where you want to create your pillar content, based on how you story tell the easiest. If you are a great writer, then write blog posts. If you are a good talker, then podcasting is for you. If you are a good face to camera personality, then Facebook Live is where you should create your Pillar Content. 

When you break down your Pillar content, you are maximizing your efforts and not only are getting the best distribution of that one core piece of content, but you are strategically storytelling in a way that is native to every single platform. You story tell differently on your Facebook Page, then you do on Snapchat, or Twitter; so be sure you are creating content that people want to actually consume on the platforms you are using.

There are a TON of different social media platforms you could create content, but here are some of my micro content ideas to create after posting your main Pillar Content.


Once you hit the publish button on your blog post on your website, you should create:

  1. An Instagram Post for your feed with a styled stock image, a photo of your face, or an aligning graphic to the blog post image you used on the post itself.
  2. An Instagram Stories graphic with a swipe up link (if you have that feature) that takes your audience directly to the post
  3. A Facebook post for your Facebook Page with a “share on your profile if your audience would like this” with your top takeaway from the post, or teasing your opt in/freebie.
  4. An email broadcast to your list to tell people about your new post with a direct link to the post and a bonus audio clip only in the email.
  5. Add the new post to the link from your Instagram account. This can be done in Linktree if you use that, your Instagram Landing Page like I have for myself, or simply change the direct link in your profile to a customized link so people can easily tell what they’re clicking on.



If your main pillar content is an Audio Podcast episode, you can get more distribution (meaning people to actually listen to that episode) if after the episode is live on iTunes or Google Play:

  1.  A blog post on your site with a recap of your episode with a link to subscribe on iTunes or Google Play and an accompanying freebie download.
  2. An Instagram Post with a graphic, photo of you recording, or a Wavve video for that handy audio wave video you see all over Instagram.
  3. An Instagram Story Graphic with your voiceover recording and a swipe up link for them to listen on iTunes.
  4. A Facebook Live audio broadcast on your Facebook Page expanding on one topic you chatted about in the podcast episode, inviting people to listen to the full podcast on iTunes


When you create a Facebook Live Broadcast, I definitely recommend creating those live videos on your Facebook Business Page, that way you can always monetize that video and turn it into an ad if you choose. After your live broadcast is completed, you can:

  1. Create a Facebook Post before you go live to invite your audience to join you and ask you questions
  2. Create a Facebook Post after, highlighting one of your viewers questions and tagging them in an answer
  3. Sharing the broadcast in your Facebook Group (if you have one) and telling people what they will takeaway from watching it in the copy of the post
  4. Create an Instagram Story graphic with swipe up capabilities for people to go directly to the video on Facebook and watch the whole video
  5. Download the FB Live video and upload it to YouTube so you have the opportunity for people to find your video on the second largest search engine in the world (which is YouTube).


I’ve turned these ideas into a handy little checklist for you that you can print or drag into Adobe Sketch with an iPad Pro (how I use all my printables).

If you want to learn more about how to maximize your one Instagram Hyperlink to drive traffic to your blog posts, check out Making The Most of Your One Hyperlink on Instagram.



EXTRA CREDIT: Get a head start on the content creation of your Integrated Marketing campaigns by using some pre-designed template packs, like the Rose Gold 9 Grid Instagram Bundle. You can easily use the content and Design Guide to create content for every single platform.


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