Last week we talked about the different Content Categories you can share on Instagram- Brand Awareness, Giving Value, Promotional, Partnership, and Campaign. This week we’re going to really focus on the first category – Brand Awareness.

The whole point of Brand Awareness content is to get people to learn more about our Personal Brand AND our business itself. What we’re all about, who we really are, and why they should pick US instead of someone else. We really want to create, online, the same exact experience they would get if they came and spent time with us in person.

In order to do this well, we really have to know ourselves, and what parts of ourselves we really want to share with our audience so they can relate better to us. People are made up of sooooooooo many different elements, but how you choose what parts of yourself to share is really going to boil down to WHO you really want to attract to your business, AND what would be showcased in our “Instagram Magazine”. If your Feed was a magazine, where would that magazine live in Barnes & Noble? What would your magazine include? Would there be fashion included? Home Decor? Recipes? Party Ideas? Book recommendations? Wine pairings? Beauty? Health tips? Workout routines? Meal plans? Stories about your kids? Stories about your marriage? Would it include that you love Macaroni & Cheese (like Jena Kutcher), or would you share that you are head over heels in love with Pumpkin Spice Lattes (like me)?

Really look into what your Ideal Clients that you are trying to attract actually care about, and what about that topic you want to share of yourself. For example, my ideal clients who are focused on growing their business and leveling up their Instagram Game doesn’t’ necessarily care about fashion, and it’s not something I share about on my own platforms. Even though I might love fashion or beauty, it’s not a main topic pillar that I use in my Instagram Content. You might like long walks on the beach and sipping Mai Tais, but what does that have to do with your Clients? Probably nothing.

What I WILL say is that you need to experiment all the time with what you think your Ideal audience might like. Once you get some feedback and hard data (like engagement) on the stories you are telling on your feed, then you know what to share more of, and what to share less of.


One way that I love to make my Brand Awareness Content so much easier is to utilize my arsenal of Styled Stock Photography for my Brand Awareness content. Does your Ideal Client care about coffee or Pumpkin Spice Lattes? You don’t have to drive over to Starbucks, by your drink, and take a selfie. To save time, you may just grab a styled stock photo of a Latte, a pumpkin, hands holding a mug, or any other image that will lend itself to your story. Most people try to be super literal with the imagery of their posts- they think when they talk about coffee, they have to take their own photo of their morning coffee cup. SPOILER ALERT, you don’t. Save yourself the trouble and snag one of hundreds of stock photos to help you tell your story.

I like to think of these posts like Book Covers. If you go back to Barnes & Noble and walk around the store and observe, you will see an ocean of book covers all with imagery that subtly hints at the story inside. Start thinking of your Instagram Post Art as a supporter of your story, instead of the literal star of the show. This isn’t an Art Gallery- the point of the photo is to be compelling enough to get people to click on it and read your WORDS.


Now we’re at the hard part. What the hell do we SAY to these people now that we’ve gotten them to click over with our gorgeous photos? I see people miss this opportunity ALL THE TIME on Instagram and it’s such a bummer.

First thing to do, is make a list of the things that you really want & need your audience to know about you personally. Where can you build up that “like” factor with them? AND what can you share about yourself to repel people who you wouldn’t mesh well with? This is just as important as attracting people that would be perfect for your business. Do you hate cardio? Or are you a marathon runner? Do you love traveling to exotic countries, or is your happy place Disneyland? Do you love wine? Are tacos your obsession, is your faith a big part of your brand? Tell people what about yourself you want to see in an ideal client.

Then, you need to make a list of the things that they need to know about your business. Share your current work with clients, your workspace, the location you are in, your mission statement, charities you support, other businesses you partner up with, ideas for new projects- anything that builds trust with your business.

Last, make a list of the things they need to know about the EXPERIENCE of working with you. What do those initial consultations look like? What are the tools they are going to need to work with you? What are your expectations from clients? What is the turnaround time for projects? What do behind the scenes look like? What do your client thank you gifts look like? What are the results your clients experience? All these things can be addressed in your Brand Awareness copy, and you can use whatever art you want as long as it supports the story you are telling.

To help you decide on the different Brand Awareness content you want to share with your Ideal Clients, I’ve put together an easy Questionnaire to get your mind thinking about the elements of yourself & your business you may want to share on Instagram.



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