I have heard it so many times in Facebook Groups. Lady Bosses on tight business budgets who have hired social media managers and not loved the results they got from their investment. Friends, it’s not your fault. As a Social Media Manager myself, I had to learn the hard way (trial by fire and error) to make sure I was educating my clients enough about the platform to understand what their money was going towards.

5 Things Your Social Manager Manger Is Probably Forgetting-Recovered

1. Managing Expectations

I’ve had a few business owners chat with me and have expected to run their entire brand new business, with a following of zero, entirely on people magically finding them on Instagram, clicking the link directly to their online shop, and liking what they see enough to hit the buy button all in one month.

Guys, this is probably not going to happen. No matter how cute your mugs are. You haven’t spent enough time building a relationship with your potential customer. And it is a social media manager’s job to explain to their clients that the purpose of Instagram, and all social platforms, is to create and nurture our own “tribe” of people. To give them so much value day after day, that when you finally ask them to buy from you, it is a no brainer that they want what you are selling. You’ve listened to what they want, and have created it for them. They know who you are, like you enough to want to visit your feed every day, and trust you will deliver more than what they pay for.

2. Consistency

Many frustrated Business Owners will invest their money for 30 days with a Social Media Manger, and then give up because they saw zero sales in that one month.

I’m gonna be real with you right now. It could take 3-6 months to develop the consistency of delighting your audience before you ever make a sale. If you commit to a social media manager, or create a strategy, a good rule of thumb is to try it for 90 days then make adjustments after you know what’s working.

Your Social Media Manager should be offering 3 month, 6 month, and maybe 12 month service packages to be able to create the consistency in your Instagram Strategy so your tribe knows what to expect from your brand.

3. Tracking

A huge reason business owners are wary about spending money on Social Media Management, is it’s hard to know just by jumping on their Instagram feed every few days what’s working.

Ask your Social Media Manager to track the content, engagement, and conversion of the posts they create so you can see at any time how your Instagram efforts are helping your business.

4. Connection

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of your entire Instagram Strategy. You CANNOT just build the perfect Instagram feed and expect people to just magically find you. You MUST be getting out there and engaging with your ideal audience to see real growth.

If you’ve paid for social media management in the past, and have seen little growth, it’s probably because the strategy was focused on putting content out in the world, and not just as focused on connecting with your tribe.

5. Analyzing & Adjusting

Are you tracking your following growth? Your engagement rate? Your Instagram Following demographics? Your clicks to blog posts, email lists, online shops? Are you comparing your numbers to where you’ve started and adjusting your efforts based on your goals?

Your social media manager should be giving you this break down so you can rest easy and know that while it is a TON of work to be an effective brand on Instagram, you are on the right track.

Want to know how I create my own and my client’s Instagram Strategy?

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