Tell me you’ve heard this story. Someone says they post about their products on Instagram but no one is buying. It’s not working, there’s no point in being on Instagram. I’m not getting any sales. Sound familiar?

Maybe it’s you that’s been experiencing this. You heard if you start a business, then you should market what you sell on social media, and Instagram is where you want to sell your products or services. Then you just bombard people with “ad style” posts that you just downloaded from your company, or what you got in the company email. And you sit back and wait for sales to roll in from Instagram….and…crickets.

Why is this happening? I have 5 reasons why this may be what you’re experiencing…

Instagram is designed for social connection, not selling things

The first problem is, you’re looking at this all wrong. Social media is SOCIAL, so it’s very similar to walking in to a cocktail party and just immediately selling people something in person. You would probably never do that in real life- so why would someone do that online?

You are not sharing creative promotional posts

You need to be sharing content that is going to build your own Personal Brand and talking about your purpose. Simply running Sale Graphics that your corporate company distributed to all other sales people is not going to give you the conversions you’re dreaming of. If you need some ideas about what you can share to be more creative when you’re trying to get people to buy, visit the last blog post “How To Create Promotional Content That Makes People Want To Buy From You”.

You are not gaining your audience’s trust

I know I’ve said this a million times and I don’t even know where I heard this first, but people have to KNOW who you are, LIKE you (above all the other options) and then TRUST you enough to hand over their hard earned dolla dolla bills. Are you spending time building that trust? Showing that you are the expert at the service you are offering? Showing the results they can get when using your product or service? Sharing the experience of working with you? If you’re not spending any time building that trust, you need to shift your focus to that in your content.

You are not targeting the right audience

When I tell people they need to pick an “Ideal Client” it just means we are going to focus our message on one specific person so all our content is geared towards them. That way when someone stumbles across our feed by happy accident, they know right away if they want to belong to your tribe or not. It doesn’t mean that people who aren’t exactly like your Ideal Client Avatar (your imaginary Instagram friend) can’t shop with you, it just means we are creating content that appeals to specific people.

You are not taking the conversation OFF Instagram

Remember how I mentioned that Instagram is not set up for selling? A better option could be to attract your Ideal Client or Customer with Instagram, and then sell to them via email; after you capture their email of course. Email has different variables for every industry, but on average has the best conversion rates in digital marketing. There’s an average open rate that hovers around 20% and then a click through to your sales pages at about 2% and it gets delivered directly to their email inbox so there’s the best chance of it being seen. Compare that with the Instagram Algorithm that only shows a certain amount of your followers your content on their home feed, and once a post is clicked on, they have to got out of the post, and have only one link to click. It just makes sense that you have the best chance to get that sale from email.

Not sure how to do that? No problem, I’ve included a Moving Off Instagram Map, so you can see step by step how to get people from Instagram to your Email List. The audio MiniCast also walks you through this process a bit more, so give it a listen!

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