Day 1

Assessing Your Skills & Tools

Assessing Your Skills & Tools

Day 1 is all about Assessing Your Skills and Tools. There are countless different digital products you can create, so the first step is to try and decide WHAT you will choose.

Would styled stock photography be a good fit for you? Would designing graphics or logos? What about PDF planner sheets?

What you choose will be determined on both your skill level AND what equipment and software you currently have access to. If you are only rocking an iPhone, it doesn’t mean you can’t start shooting styled stock photos- but you may have better luck creating resume templates in Canva.

Or if you have Photoshop, but have no idea how to use it – you may want to start with doing watercolor art that you create by hand and then scan in to your computer (that is- if you have a scanner).

Start with assessing what you are good at, then what tools you have to get started. PRO TIP: for your first few digital products, you want to start with free and/or cheap as possible. Don’t go out and buy a big fancy camera, or software that’s going to take you ages to learn how to use. Just get started with one thing that you know you can complete THIS WEEK and offer for sale. The name of the game is to start with your Minimum Viable Product and then get better as you create more products.

To help you wrap your mind around what you can create, I’ve complied a huge list of different digital product ideas (most of which you can already find on Creative Market- my online marketplace of choice when starting out).