I’ve spent the last couple of weeks broadcasting on FB live and Periscope about creating content for your favorite social media platform, and the thing that keeps coming up for people is that they don’t know what kind of content they should be posting on Instagram. When I go and look at their feeds, I see tons and tons of photos of what they are selling; or random quote images they’ve screenshot that don’t work well with the other photos they share. Then they feel bored with their feed and are stuck with what else they should be posting. No wonder they are sitting in their beds on their phones drooling over those pretty polished feeds some IG’ers have, being peanut butter and jealous.

10 Pieces of Content You Should Share On Instagram

No more, my friends. I’ve brainstormed TEN different types of content you can share on your Instagram feed to look super polished and professional, and to make your feed look so fabulous when someone finds you they can’t click “FOLLOW” fast enough.


Obviously, since I have a handy dandy Stock Brand Subscription Library, I am going to shout out my favorite piece of content- styled stock photos. You can overlay text, photos or digital goods on top, or just share the image and add your “copy”- the story you are telling with your post.

Photo May 14, 12 33 04 PM


Sharing other people’s content that you love is GREAT- just make sure you tag the source and give credit in your post description from where you snagged the image. Whenever you curate the content, be sure the visuals still align with your brand and the overall look of your feed.

Photo May 14, 12 34 01 PM


As an avid hater of the traditional selfie, and a former Glamour Portrait Photographer-I like to promote “self portraits” on Instagram. These can look different depending on your brand, but there so many ways to share images of yourself to get that personal connection with your tribe without looking like a poor man’s Kim Kardashian

Photo May 14, 12 35 42 PM


One of my favorite things to share, as a graphic designer, is pretty designed images. Not all of these are created equal however- make sure the graphics you share stay consistent with your brand and entire feed. Keeping the color palettes of the images you share and the graphics you design is key to making everything work together like that “magazine layout” I’ve talked about in my broadcasts. You can share words, quotes, illustrations, Brand Identity Boards (if you are a brand designer), or anything else you create. Here are some examples of the graphic posts I share on my feed.

[col1]Sunday Prep 2[/col1]

[col2]Hot Mess Monday #3[/col2]

[col3]Podcast Love | Amy Porterfield 100[/col3]


The key here is to make the most of the images you take yourself, by keeping them visually interesting and again, making sure they are cohesive with the other content you are sharing on Instagram. Play with different compositions, props, and editing of your images to try and develop your own style of photography. Make sure that the curated images and the stock images you share have similar filters and “moods” of the photos to make your feed flow nicely.

Photo May 14, 12 43 44 PM


I talked about creating a Moodboard in 5 minutes on my Facebook Page with Make Trays, where you can compile multiple images in a layout to create a “mood”. You can talk about your images, create brand awareness, or ask questions and feedback from your audience in the copy you share on the post. I share Moodboards on Mondays on Instagram, feel free to go back and search the hashtag #moodboardmonday for ideas on how other people use moodboards in their IG posts.

Photo May 14, 12 44 28 PM


This Periscope Broadcast on the new Instagram changes talks about all the different ideas I have about incorporating videos into your Instagram feed! Now that Instagram allows a full minute video (instead of their 15 seconds), you share so many different things! I quickly created a showreel showing a behind the scenes look into how I create florals for the Stock Brand Subscription images to share on Instagram.



I haven’t dived into animated GIFs very much yet, but I LOVE how they look when they’re done well. This GIF from Prism Boutique is so fancy, I’d love to create something similar for my own audience.





These are something else I don’t do often, but I was included in a round up recently and thought it was such a smart idea to share the love and connect with other people with like audiences to mine. Share a group of 3-5 people that inspire you, or are great at a specific topic and share them in a post. Doing this on a regular basis would create something your audience will look forward to- like a #followfriday round up or an #inspiringentrepreneur round up.

Photo May 14, 12 56 26 PM


This is for ADVANCED users, but the look of tiled feeds is so so chic and unique. Twigy Posts has the most beautiful tiled IG feed! Her styled images all fit together to form one huge graphic when you scroll down her feed, and it’s to die for.

Photo May 14, 12 51 37 PM


If you love these ideas, but don’t know how to get started, you’re in luck- I created a set of 9 pieces of content (4 styled stock images, 4 graphic templates, and one moodboard) you can share on Instagram and alter to fit your brand that can work cohesively with the images you curate and create yourself.


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